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"WhatsApp has become the most popular SMS alternative in 109 countries, accounting for about 60% of the world. Every day, up to 50 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp. "

Why do WhatsApp marketing?
According to Nielsen's Facebook survey, more than 67% of mobile users prefer to use chat to communicate with enterprises, and about 53% of respondents said they prefer to find merchants who can send messages directly to shop.If you want to lock in young potential customers, WhatsApp will be a good choice, because 42% of smartphone users aged between 18 and 29 prefer to use WhatsApp for messaging, while about 19% of smartphone users aged 50 or over.WhatsApp marketing also ensures a high participation rate, with over 95% of mobile messages open for reading.About 90% of WhatsApp messages open in three seconds after they are received.WhatsApp is one of the preferred channels for personalized marketing, in which marketers can push content in a private one-to-one way.

1. What is WhatsApp business API account?
Upgrade to WhatsApp business account to display the business profile function. WhatsApp business profile can provide customers with address, business description, email, website, offline address and other services.In addition, the business account provides "message tool", which can be configured with automatic message reply.

2. Understand and use the available methods of WhatsApp marketing
WhatsApp will automatically index WhatsApp users in your contact list and add recommendations. Marketers can import platform customer calls into their WhatsApp marketing system through common address book tools.

[one to one chat]
All social chat apps have one-to-one chat function, but WhatsApp's voice call is like the notification form of ordinary phone, which is our favorite place

[broadcast list]
With the broadcast list in WhatsApp campaigns, you can send messages to users in your contact list if they have your phone number saved in their phone book. This is similar to BCC in e-mail, where the response of a contact to a broadcast message is displayed as a normal one-to-one message. You can send broadcast messages to 256 contacts at the same time

WhatsApp group can hold up to 256 people. The first thing to start working is to try to make your potential customers save their phone numbers, so that they can use the broadcast mode to send marketing messages. Sending push messages to customers may be deleted, just like email marketing, trying to send useful information that customers need. For example, after Amazon customers place an order, "induce" the buyer to track the latest order status or conduct after-sales service by adding your WhatsApp.

3. Public cases of WhatsApp marketing

Hellman, the mayonnaise brand, launched WhatsApp marketing campaign called whatscook, which aims to provide a personalized experience for Brazilian consumers. When customers sign up for the series online, they are asked to send photos of items in the fridge so that Hellman's chefs can instruct them to cook with the ingredients available. Through WhatsApp, users can get more direct and personalized services and guidance, and solve their problems in time. It proves how mobile messaging through WhatsApp can be the best platform to solve the specific needs of consumers. The campaign generated 13000 registrations and 99.5% of the "mass addressable users" and was a huge success in Brazil before launching in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.

Absolute Vodka
One of the most intelligent and successful WhatsApp marketing campaigns. In 2013, the company launched the limited release "absolut unique" and held an exclusive party to celebrate the launch, with only two tickets available to the public. The company requires its customers and other interested individuals to send WhatsApp messages to specific numbers and interact with Sven. Ask users to persuade Sven to get tickets in as creative a way as possible. Later, users sent a variety of fun, crazy and creative things, including funny voice notes and interesting videos. In just three days, the company interacted with more than 600 users and received more than 1000 audio, video and image messages, which were sent to persuade Sven.

Buyagift, an online gift retailer, also launched WhatsApp marketing activities. For example, by informing customers about transactions and discounts on the website, the company started to send important reminders directly to WhatsApp, which is a kind of reminder that enables customers to respond immediately. Getting personal information on a mobile phone becomes more efficient than email. It's a sales oriented activity, fun and interactive, and customers find it useful to get personalized services.

4. Some suggestions on WhatsApp marketing activities
Because WhatsApp does not directly sell advertising space, it is particularly important to attract people and attention by innovation. Add personal style to marketing activities, let your consumers interact with friends, and ensure a better reputation in the audience. We give the following WhatsApp marketing strategies: upgrade to WhatsApp enterprise account, make full use of business API business functions to configure automatic social e-commerce;
Create an attractive brand role for WhatsApp, specifically responsible for communication and consultation with users;
Provide one-to-one help to stimulate new uses of products;
Establish and improve telephone database through platform order customers;
Provide prudent advice and services to high value customers;
Encourage users to choose to join and provide simple and clear instructions;
Provide fast customer service;
Consumers can query or purchase goods through the automatic reply information service.


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