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In fact, fishsender WhatsApp marketing has been introduced many times,All marketing personnel who use WhatsApp to obtain customers and settle customers,To use WhatsApp business,Today, there is an advanced feature of WhatsApp,I think you know this article,Will download WhatsApp business immediately,Because this function must make you feel like you have mastered black technology.

OK, let's get started!
Friends who have experienced WhatsApp business know that,On your phone, whether it's apple or Android,Both WhatsApp and WhatsApp business can be installed at the same time,And when you log in with WhatsApp business,Import chat records above WhatsApp into WhatsApp business,Perfect function that every contact and every chat record can be synchronized.

Here are the highlights:
If you're an early adopter of WhatsApp marketing,Well, congratulations,Your WhatsApp is likely to have such a function that you can't imagine,This function is when your WhatsApp businessis is blocked for overuse,For example, sending too many messages to strangers,As a result, WhatsApp business is blocked,Your WhatsApp can still be used.yes,This is WhatsApp black technology that I want to tell you,Don't think it's nothing,When your account is blocked by WhatsApp,You will know how powerful this function is,You can imagine,When you want to contact your customers,You find out,WhatsApp account is blocked,It means you lose all your customers in a flash,But if you convert a WhatsApp account to WhatsApp business,You will not lose any customer information.

Finally, fishsender reminds you,We send more than one million messages a day, but we're not blocked. We have more than 1.5 billion mobile phone number databases to help you better develop your business.

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