WhatsApp how to add friends

发布日期:2020-05-17 22:56:29

WhatsApp is an instant messaging software developed based on mobile phone address book,Many WhatsApp marketers don't know how to add friends,In later WhatsApp marketing,They can't develop and drain customers very well,Today, this article will summarize how WhatsApp can add friends method,To meet your different needs in WhatsApp marketing:

WhatsApp add friends through links
1. Automatically generate links to add WhatsApp friends
As long as you enter the number of WhatsApp registered,You can get a link to add WhatsApp friends,By clicking on the link,You can easily say hello to each other's WhatsApp

2. Export WhatsApp link plus friend link on WhatsApp business
This method is suitable for,First,You are using WhatsApp business account,Secondly,You want your potential customers to find you more easily,You can export your link through WhatsApp business account,On their own websites, linkedln, Facebook,It is more convenient and quick for users to contact you,The setting method is,Open WhatsApp business,Click settings, business settings, short links, copy links,Through the above steps,You can get WhatsApp plus Friend links,Then you can distribute it to as many potential customers as possible.

WhatsApp save address book add friend
Open your WhatsApp,Click the "dialogue" button,Then click the "+" button in the upper right corner,Select add contact,And then when you're done adding contacts,If the other party registers WhatsApp,You can send WhatsApp directly

How to add friends in batch in WhatsApp
If you have dozens or hundreds or more contacts that need to be imported to WhatsApp,Then you can generate a ". VCF" file for the contact list,Use the ". VCF" file to import to the address book,Then slowly add it to your WhatsApp address book,But there is a risk,If you speed up the speed of adding friends,It is likely to cause the WhatsApp account to be blocked,So it's OK to use this method,Be sure to pay attention to speed,Prevent accounts from being blocked


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