WhatsApp for Marketers: What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Ever since the WhatsApp application was created way back in 2009, it has taken multiple industries by storm. The application is not only useful for personal use to connect with family and friends, but many businesses are already utilizing this. WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most popular messaging app in the world. According to records, it now has over 1.5 billion active users every month all across 180 countries.
And because businesses are making sure that they reach their audience fast and easy, many of them started seeing the benefits of utilizing the application for WhatsApp marketing. This application has proven useful and effective for customer service. And if you think that this is what your business needs right now, then you have come to the right place.
What You Need to Know About WhatsApp
WhatsApp is a mobile application that anyone can download for free. It uses the internet connection of the mobile phone to let you chat and get in touch with other WhatsApp users. It’s like sending a text message without paying any charges. Aside from simple text messages, you can also send and receive files and images through the WhatsApp application. If you want to make a voice call or video call, you can also do that with this messaging app.
The WhatsApp supports a wide range of mobile phones. That is why a lot of people prefer to use this compared to other messaging applications provide by other social media platforms. It has a version for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Nokia S40 phones. They have also made a web application and desktop versions for Windows PCs and Mac. To start using the app, you need to download and install it since it is directly tied to your mobile number.
Basics Features of WhatsApp
Since WhatsApp is using the phone number that you are using, it will also utilize the phone numbers on your contact list to direct you to the people you already know who are also using the application. So, anyone who has your phone number will also see you on their WhatsApp list. That means that as long as you and your friends have downloaded and installed the application, WhatsApp will automatically detect that you are already using it.
Here are the basic features or methods to share messages, images, and videos using the WhatsApp application:

  1. One-To-One Chat. Similar to other chat applications, WhatsApp will also let you chat directly with another WhatsApp user provided that they are on your phone’s contact list. Voice and video calls are also available. You can even record short clips of audio and send it to anyone on your contact list who is also using the application.
  1. Broadcast Lists. With the Broadcast List, it works like the “sending to all” feature. However, it is only limited to 256 contacts. That means that you can send a particular text message or file to anyone who has your number saved on their phones’ contact list. Once they receive it, that will look like a standard message which is similar to the blind carbon copy (BCC) function in your email. And if they choose to respond to your message, that will also appear as usual - a one-to-one message on your chat screen. Their response though, will not be sent to anyone else, but only to you.
  1. Groups. This feature will let you send a message to up to 256 people you can share messages, images, and videos. Just like other group messaging features, everyone in the group can talk in the group chat and also see other users’ responses.
WhatsApp: Why is It Good for Your Business?
Since WhatsApp became well-known to billions of people worldwide, this has also become one of the most preferred applications of many businesses. It became very appealing for many marketers. That is why marketing through WhatsApp is now a growing trend. And if you are considering this option, then here are the reasons why you should go for it:
  1. Useful for Customer Service. If you want to make it easier to connect with your audience, then this is the best app for you. Since billions of people are now using this application, there is no doubt that your customer or client also has this application on their phone. And if they don’t, the app is free to download and install so they can easily do that.
  1. An Underrated Digital Communications App. WhatsApp is considered to be one of the most underrated digital communications channels. With the WhatsApp Status, it can reach more than 450 million users daily. Groups can reach up to 256 people at a time. The one-to-one chats, on the other hand, can help you build strong customer relationships and brand loyalty.
  1. A Powerful Application. Through the years, WhatsApp has proven that they are one of the most powerful digital communication channels. Any company from various industries can use this application for their marketing strategies. It can help boost revenue and also increase possible conversions.
WhatsApp Business, The Solution for Small Businesses
Large businesses are not the only ones who can take advantage of the capabilities of this fantastic messaging application. Even small companies also use WhatsApp for the enterprise. But if you are planning to use WhatsApp for business, don’t do it with a private account. It will only increase your loss of access to the account. You will also miss out on the other features that you can utilize.
For smaller businesses, the solution is WhatsApp Business. It is available both for iOS and Android. It can also be accessed online through a platform called “WhatsApp Web.” It can be used as an in-browser if you already have set up a business account. This platform is specially designed for smaller businesses. So, if you want to organize your online WhatsApp presence, this is the best way to do so.
Amazing Features of WhatsApp Business
Now that you know that even smaller businesses can also benefit from WhatsApp messaging application, it is time to get to know more about the features that you can make use of from WhatsApp:
  1. Create A Customized Profile for Business. With the WhatsApp Business, you can create a profile which you can make publicly-visible. You can add information about your business - email address, location, link to website, hours, logo, and a lot more.
  1. Access to Basic Analytics Reports. What’s good about the WhatsApp Business is that you can see your basic analytics report regarding your account activity. It will show you the number of messages you have sent, received, and read.
  1. Custom Labels and Color-Coding For Chats. If you want your labels of active chats with your customers to be color-coded, you can easily customize it for easy organization. Customizing the labels is extremely helpful for WhatsApp bulk sender.
  1. Custom Greetings and Away Messages. If you want to personalize your greetings to your customers, you can set this up. That way, every time you start chatting with your customers about your business, you won’t have to think about a greeting that would be appropriate for them. Also, it is not good to keep your customers waiting for your response. So, if you are away and you cannot reply to their queries right away, you can pre-set messages that you can send to your customers when you are not online.
  1. Quick Responses. To save more time, you can store frequently-saved replies through the short commands. The short commands start with “/” and add the information that you want to send to your customer. For example, if your customer is asking for your address, you can simply type “/address” then it will automatically send the saved message that contains your contact information and your business address.
Marketing Strategies with WhatsApp
Even though WhatsApp is not an obvious marketing channel, but using this application, you initiate conversations with your customers. It might not be easy to do, but marketing with WhatsApp is possible. There are barriers, like needing to have your customers’ contact number first before you can interact with them, or you cannot advertise to your user, but these also have an upside.
You have to remember that WhatsApp now has over 1.5 billion users, and only a small number of businesses are already using this platform for marketing. So that simply means that you have less competition. Your target audience will be more receptive to your marketing campaigns. And since the WhatsApp marketing has its limitations, this will make you more innovative when it comes to your strategies. It will encourage you to try new techniques to ensure that you keep our users engaged.
Customer Service Tips Using WhatsApp
For many companies, WhatsApp is the number one customer service channel for them. It is straightforward to use and has features that they cannot find in other messaging apps. All across different social media platforms, messaging is the second most popular method of communicating with customers. Surveys conducted by Facebook also reveal that people who prefer to message businesses say that they would shop with a particular brand that they can easily reach through an easy-to-use messaging app.
With WhatsApp, it is straightforward to use. Your customers do not have to be put on hold for hours just to talk to customer service. That is why more and more customers prefer brands that use the WhatsApp customer service channel for their customers. Here are the top customer service tips that you can take note of:
  1. Make Sure to Respond Within 24 Hours. One of the characteristics of excellent customer service is when you can respond to customer queries within 24 hours. For them, the sooner, the better. A recent study found that businesses that can quickly respond to questions and requests, the more customers they have. What makes WhatsApp better is that, if you can reply to a customer within 24 hours, the last message would be for free. If you don’t, then you have to pay a certain amount for each message.
  1. Use Different Message Formats. With WhatsApp database, there are different messaging formats that you can utilize. It makes it easier both for businesses and customers. You can send different files too like videos, photos, location, GIFs, PDFs, and even audio and voice recordings. Some customers use this to send videos or screenshots of the issues that they are dealing with. And in response, the companies can also send back video tutorials or PDF guides to help their customers with their concerns. Because of these options, you are not only limited to answering your customer queries in text format.
  1. Use WhatsApp Chatbots. Chatbots are now the latest trend for companies to provide an answer to common customer queries automatically. The chatbot can help you save time when responding to frequently asked questions from your customers. And with the chatbots, that means that you can respond to your customers within 24 hours. But of course, personal interaction is essential. Do not leave everything to your WhatsApp chatbot.
  1. Publicize Your Customer Service Number. To quickly get in touch with your customers, you need to make sure that your customer service number is publicly-visible. There is no use in setting up and offering assistance with WhatsApp if your customers cannot use it because they are not aware of your number. And once you have set up your business account, you should have a dedicated employee to handle the WhatsApp inquiries.

Is WhatsApp Effective for Marketing?
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps anywhere in the world. With it’s over a billion active users, there is no doubt that various industries are also taking advantage of the apps’ features. WhatsApp has very impressive engagement rates. This marketing tool makes it more convenient for marketers to send and receive messages through WhatsApp Business.
Whether you have a small or large business, you can surely benefit from using WhatsApp for marketing purposes. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to take your marketing strategies to the next level. Use WhatsApp now to connect with your customers worldwide.

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