Seven behaviors can cause your WhatsApp number to be blocked

发布日期:2020-05-31 16:53:40

Recently, many people asked me how to conduct WhatsApp marketing,How to prevent WhatsApp numbers from being blocked,Today, let's share our experience in this field,I hope you can use WhatsApp marketing process,avoidable.

1. Sign in using an insecure network
At present, the outside IP is basically shared, but many of these IP are polluted by major websites.As for why your network,You didn't do anything,Is it contaminated? It's easy to understand,Because you didn't do anything against people's platform,But as a shared resource available to all,Doesn't mean no one else did it,For now, As long as the number is blocked by WhatsApp,At least a third of people are caused by Internet pollution.

2、Release of non conformance
This WhatsApp's rules on user publishing content have been clearly mentioned in WhatsApp's user rules. Here, ordinary people don't send pornographic or insulting content. However, some people like to copy and paste a lot of content with repeated links to people or groups they just know. In this case, it's easy to cause your WhatsApp number Code blocked.

3、Do non-conforming Facebook advertising drainage
This is to solve the problem of blocking WhatsApp business account. Recently, many customers have encountered this problem, because WhatsApp business drainage can be conducted through official Facebook ads,Some WhatsApp marketers think that there is no problem to add their friends through the official channel of Facebook, but the official of Facebook has made it clear that they do not accept weight loss, all kinds of medical and health care products, and financial products are also limited. If you promote these products and do not find a good way to avoid them, then your WhatsApp Business accounts will soon be blocked.

4、The way to add strangers is wrong
There is a very clear rule on WhatsApp's permanent seal. Once blocked, it will never be unsealed for you. This is: you have been reported by many people, but many WhatsApp marketers still use fixed language to harass a person you are not familiar with at work, and then they block your information, or even report you.

5、Harass strangers frequently
The previous article has detailed instructions. You can find the previous article:

6、Using pirated or unofficial versions of WhatsApp
Last year, when the rules of WhatsApp were not very strict, many cracked versions of WhatsApp could be used, such as WhatsApp plus, GB WhatsApp, etc. But this year, WhatsApp explicitly forbids everyone to use the unofficial version of app. Once detected, all apps will be numbered.

7、Sign in WhatsApp by changing the mobile device in an incorrect way
WhatsApp has always been closely linked with the address book, which is also closely linked with the mobile phone, because its original product setting is intended to replace the SMS product. So, according to the official requirements, if you are changing your mobile phone to log in, the best way is to backup the mobile chat record first, then replace the number of WhatsApp with another number, and then log in on the new mobile phone.

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